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Chabad Yeshiva in Kiriyat Gat - Israel

Welcome to the homepage of the Kiryat Gat Chabad Yeshiva

Who are we?

The Chabad yeshiva in Kiriyat Gat is the first yeshiva that the Lubavitcher Rebbe established in Israel.  The yeshiva is made up of a number of institutions, namely the youth division, the junior yeshiva and the senior yeshiva, numbering about 500 students who come from all over Israel and the world.  It also includes a Kollel for young married men, a rabbinical ordination program, a center for the distribution of material for Judaism and more.  Heading the yeshiva is Rabbi Moshe Havlin Shlita , who also is the head Rabbi of Kiriyat Gat.

Our goal

From the time the yeshiva was founded 60 years ago until today, the yeshiva’s staff acts and does with a sense of mission and interacts with every student with a sense of warmth and personal attention.  We create the Chabad emissaries in Israel and around the world, as well as Rabbis, teachers and mashpiim for the upcoming generation and are always meticulous about doing so with all of our heart. 

Being part of the community

A few notions about us

We bestow our hearts to the residents of the city

The yeshiva students contribute to the community on a weekly basis in numerous ways:

Every week the students go out on the numerous “campaigns”: Putting tefillin on people, Torah study and Shabbat parties, checking tefillin and mezuzot, a Bar-Mitzvah center for the preparation of the Bar-Mitzvah, yortzeit, house warming parties and more.

The students maintain contact with members of the local community and many students are responsible for delivering Torah lessons at different synagogues in the area.

The yeshiva helps many people in need, operates a “soup kitchen” and bestows monetary benefits in a discreet manner to families and individuals in the community.        

A heartfelt connection

When a student feels comfortable enough to come and speak from the heart and to share his concerns and challenges that stand before him and later on stays in contact with the yeshiva, classmates and staff even after many years have gone by, we feel that we really have succeeded!

Details about the non-profit

Beit David Kiriyat Gat (non-profit organization}

Non-profit registration number:  580182301
Eliyahu Hanav 5 Street 
(near 12 Chanuyot) P.O.B. 755
Kiriyat Gat, Israel

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Havlin – CEO
Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Wolf – manager

Torah in the midst of action

The yeshiva students are studiously and diligently occupied in Torah study.  The atmosphere is serious and study is with great enthusiasm in the study hall.  Students feel responsible to attend lessons.  Much Talmudic material with its commentators is learned by heart.  All of these factors strongly bring to the forefront the essence of the yeshiva; it’s a place where people learn Torah in the fullest and strongest manner.  In a similar manner, the yeshiva boys merit the spurring on of about 70 Rabbis, lecturers and mashpiim who are part of the spiritual staff, who seemingly stand over them and tell them, “Grow”.  In a similar way, there are about 22 Rabbis for private instruction for the yeshiva students who spur them on and learn with them in the study hall.

Questions & answers

Here you can find additional details and answers to common questions regarding the learning at the yeshiva and services for the city residents.

Studies are continuing as usual as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.  In addition, studies are more intense due to the greater need to remain on the grounds.  Still, part of the community service, primarily meeting them at home is carried out by more remote means.

Contact us and we will be happy to give you complete details.

Reciting the kaddish is required for the ascension of the soul of the deceased.  Therefore, the kaddish is said every day for 11 months during the first year of demise and in the coming years it is said on the day of passing.

Kaddish should be recited 3 times a day during prayer services (the morning, afternoon, and evening services).

With Hashem’s help, you can relax.  One of our Rabbis will say on your behalf every day 3 times a day, in spite of weather conditions.  In the event the Rabbi is unable to, he will make sure that someone will replace him. 

Your full charity box can be brought to us here in the yeshiva office at Eliyahu Hanavi 5 Street, or phone us, or leave your contact information here on our website where you can be reached. 

By doing so, you are actually participating in a day of Torah study at the yeshiva when considering that the study and prayer on the day you chose is dedicated especially for you!  16 hours of Torah study and prayers every day.  Your name will be posted in an overt place in the center of the yeshiva’s study hall and we will learn and pray on your behalf in accordance to your important wishes.  We received a lot of feedback about wishes that materialized completely by dedicating a day at the yeshiva. 

Most of our services apply to anyone and any place.  We would be happy to fulfill your request any place in Israel and around the world.  If in the event we are unable to do so, we will make sure to refer you to our contact person where you live.  So don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in doubt. 

The yeshiva is in existence for more than 60 years with Rabbis with much experience.  The number of students is on the rise every year!  Together with the students at the yeshiva, we invest a lot in the city residents and the entire southern region of Israel.  Yeshiva students every evening visit many households and towards the end of the week meet hundreds of business owners to put on tefillin and to help in whatever Jewish matter.  With Hashem’s help, you can rely on us to serve you in the best possible way. 

Your contributions will reach the best place possible, for the continued development of the yeshiva and the construction of additional buildings in order to enlarge the number of students.  Your part with Torah study together with the students’ contact and assistance to the general public, will only to continue to grow.  The profit is all yours!

The numbers tell from the heart

Yeshiva’s existence years
Hours of daily Torah study –
Rabbis and teachers
Number of yeshiva students
Children at Shabbat parties
youth plan Bar-Mitzvah weekly
weekly lectures in synagogue
weekly mazuzah check
daily hot meals for the elderly
putting on tefillin during the week.
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